Imagine the power of captivating others with every word you speak, whether it’s sharing the story of your last favorite restaurant or recounting a game of basketball. Being a great storyteller isn’t about grand tales or extraordinary characters. It’s about infusing every conversation with a little presentation magic.

Think about the characters in your stories—make them interesting, give them unique voices. Add elements of mystery and conflict to keep your listeners hooked.

By embracing the art of storytelling, you’ll become a more captivating speaker, even when discussing the simplest moments of your day.

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A new private client approached me recently lamenting that she just wasn’t a great storyteller. I shared with her an idea from my program Voice of Storytelling… I said, “It’s a secret that can turn you into a narrator people love listening to.” and her perception immediately shifted.

I explained that your voice is what brings the characters to life in a story. Your voice keeps listeners moving from emotion to emotion. Your voice keeps them hanging on every word.

Sadly, most storytelling training doesn’t provide the voice techniques you need.

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You’ll also learn the exact voice sounds to incorporate (and when to insert them) in your stories to hook your listeners, keep their full attention, and leave them wanting more.