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Establish Strong Vocal Foundations to Support Your Dreams:

The Perfect Voice

The must-have training collection for every speaker–Discover the Roger Love Method and foundational vocal techniques that will set you up to succeed.

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Give Me The Perfect Voice

Apply & Monetize Your New Vocal Skills:

Voice of Virtual

From leading engaging virtual meetings to dominating the $46+ Billion marketplace for virtual courses, keynotes, training, and beyond, this is your launch pad for becoming a world-class presenter on camera.

Give Me The Voice of Virtual

Keep Improving & Stay On The Leading Edge:

Roger Love’s Speakers Guild

Join America’s #1 Voice Coach LIVE every month in a virtual group coaching workshop where you’ll discover Roger’s latest vocal strategies for what you need to know NOW. Plus–Participate in the Q&A session as Roger answers questions!

Let Me In!

Topical Courses for Deep Dive Training

Never Lose Your Voice Again

Own the voice-saving secrets that Roger’s celebrity clients depend on to recover their voice & talk day and night without getting hoarse.

Stop Losing My Voice!

Eliminate Stage Fright

Eliminate fright and conquer any stage with Roger’s three steps. Fear of speaking in public is still the number #1 fear in America and most other places around the world. But is there a way to eliminate that fright and conquer any stage (or virtual “stage”) with Roger’s Three Steps. Let him show you how to turn your fear into positive emotions and powerful presentations!

Eliminate My Stage Fright!

Find Your Funny

Discover Roger Love’s vocal secrets to adding more authentic humor to your communications and life.
Make Me Authentically Funny

The Voice of Storytelling

Unlock Roger Love’s vocal strategies to make your stories more engaging, compelling, and memorable.
Make Me An Epic Storyteller

“4-Step System to Know Your Voice” Workbook

The 4-Step System Icons Swear By To Speak with Confidence
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Tailored Vocal Training

For Detailed Guidelines When Presenting on Podcasts, Webinars, Keynotes and More:

Roger Love’s “Presentation Planner”

“My celebrity clients and I depend on this Presentation Planner to save lots of time and potentially hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in mistakes avoided. Inside this physical Planner, I’ll guide you through every step of your presentation preparations. It contains all the questions you need to ask and the details you need to know before a keynote, podcast, radio show, webinar, and more. Don’t give another presentation without it.” – Roger Love

I Want Roger's Planner!

For (Current & Up-And-Coming) Professional Speakers:

Speaking Pro Masterclass

Roger Love’s advanced program for developing influence to become a respected and highly-paid speaker, coach, expert or influencer. Learn the ins-and-outs of all speaking situations, so you can eliminate fear, anxiety, self-doubt or embarrassment and finally feel confident and prepared, every time you speak.

Make Me a Speaking Pro

For Healthcare Professionals:

The Voice of Healing

Introducing the world’s only voice-based communications training for healthcare professionals. If you’re looking to boost your impact, influence and income, this is your vocal prescription for world-class communication skills and bedside manner.

Give Me The Voice of Healing