Vocal Tips & Techniques

5 Vocal Tips to Supercharge Your Success

Success starts with the actions we take today. Here are my five favorite vocal tips to help you get a head start in the year ahead: Channel your favorite star We all have favorite movie stars. Who is your vocal idol for singing or speaking? Once you’ve identified them, start adopting some of their signature vocal sound into your own voice for a makeover that’s easier than going to the gym! Add more melody to your… READ MORE

The Building Blocks of Voice

Singers know they need a voice coach to tune their voice and make it big. Speakers use the same instrument—their voice—but often overlook voice coaching as a critical element of becoming better speakers. That’s where the world’s greatest speakers set themselves apart. Roger Love is Hollywood’s go-to coach for professional speakers and singers. In this video lesson, he shares the five ingredients of vocal strategy that his students depend on to make their mark in the world. Each of these… READ MORE

Claim Your Vocal Trinity

The human voice is actually three voices in one! In order to join the ranks of renowned communicators, you need to understand, access, and effectively use each of these three voices. In this lesson, America’s number one voice coach, Roger Love, will reveal these three distinct voices and how to begin adding them to your own vocal arsenal starting today. Here’s why this lesson is so powerful: Each voice creates certain sounds that correlate with specific emotions. When you have… READ MORE

This Secret will Unlock a Voice You Didn’t Know You Had

I’m going to share the secret to my professional success. When I was young, I discovered a special voice—in addition to Chest Voice and Head Voice—that enabled me to sing up and down the range with absolutely NO cracks, strain, or breaks. Teaching this voice to my students has enabled them to win Grammy and Academy Awards! It’s called Middle Voice. The most shocking part? Many vocal coaches don’t even know this voice exists! You deserve the singing voice… READ MORE

7 Things Your Voice Says About You

1. Where you’re from. 2. How successful you are. 3. How much confidence you have. 4. If you’re worth listening to. 5. If you’re in control or looking for a leader. 6. If you’re energized or uninterested. 7. If you’re mundane or creative. Scientific studies show that your words influence only 7% of whether or not someone believes, trusts, or likes you. The other 93% depends on your body movements and voice, combined. Here are five things you didn’t realize your voice was saying louder than your words. READ MORE

Vocal Transformation

Watch Her Transform Right Before Your Eyes

How long does it really take to fundamentally change the way someone’s voice sounds when they speak? Decades? Years? Months? How about…minutes! Yes, I’ve learned how to create lasting change in an individual’s voice in just one session of less than an hour, and I’m excited for you to see the difference for yourself! Watch me on the CBS show, “The Doctors” where I coach a young… READ MORE


Need an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up? Break out the Vocal Warmups

Practicing your daily voice exercises could boost more than your vocal range. Research now shows it could also battle depression, improve your communication abilities, reduce your need for painkillers and so much more. The same way that marathon runners would never start a race without first warming up their muscles, I advise my clients—whether actors, singers, surgeons, teachers, nurses, influencers or CEOs—to warm up their voices every morning with very particular vocal exercises. That way, they can perform at their… READ MORE

Why You Can’t Warm Up with a Song

The same way runners warm up their muscles before a competition, it’s imperative to warm up your voice before you sing. This helps you reach more notes within your vocal range and protects against unintentionally straining or irritating your vocal cords. But not all warmups are created equal. Many beginning singers try to warm up by singing along with their favorite songs. In this video, I’ll explain why that’s not ideal and what you…  READ MORE

Public Speaking

Are you Getting What You Want from Your Communications and Speaking Courses and Clubs?

I’m going to tell you what untuned violins and communications courses have in common so you don’t waste another minute running an uphill path that’s not getting you any closer to having the impact and influence you want. Ask yourself these key questions: Am I getting the professional outcomes, growth and performance training I want from my communications and speech-writing courses and clubs? Is my voice compromising my content, competence, and core goals? READ MORE

Should You Start Your Speech with a Joke?

Should you start your speech with a joke? My answer may surprise you. Find out, in this week’s voice lesson, free for you to enjoy. Also in that episode, I’ll show you how to discover what TYPE of humor is most natural to you. When you know that, you’ll be able to effortlessly and authentically build camaraderie with your listeners, without ever feeling awkward or making people uncomfortable. This is a skill set you can apply, starting…  READ MORE

How to Sound When You’re Delivering a Eulogy

This Memorial Day, take time to remember and pay respect to those who mean so much to you, no matter where they are now. If you are attending and speaking at a memorial service, use the verbal strategy I provided here to fill everyone in attendance with faith and belief that the person we’re gathering for will live on in our hearts. Here’s a summary of the vocal profile for a eulogy, as taught… READ MORE

Self Confidence

How Do You Really Sound?

Do you ever wonder how other people hear you? The sound of your voice is different depending on if it is going away from or towards your body. This means that the way your audience hears you will be different than how you hear yourself. How do you practice so that the audience hears you the exact way you want to be heard? America’s number one voice coach, Roger Love, will answer that question in this video lesson. Did you… READ MORE

Self-Confidence Without Self: Shared Confidence

Lack of self-confidence plagues a lot of people. Realizing how important a strong sense of self-confidence is to our personal and professional success, I wanted to reveal what I believe is the lesser-known side of self-confidence, what I call “shared confidence.” In this video, I explain how our self-confidence is generated by the way other people react to us and the way we process those reactions. Then, I’ll outline how you can boost your own self-confidence by controlling the perception… READ MORE

Stage Fright

4 Effective Ways to beat Stage Fright

Are you self-conscious about speaking or singing in public? Does just the thought of getting up in front of others make you want to run and hide? You’re not alone! In fact, fear of public speaking has been listed as the number one fear in America. Here’s the great news: I’ve literally found a way to take that fear away. Imagine how incredible it would feel to sing or speak in front of one person—or hundreds—with total confidence. People would… READ MORE

Breathing Techniques

How to Use Breathing to Play Your Voice Like a Musical Instrument

Your voice is a musical instrument. But most speakers are so focused on the music they’re trying to create that they forget what’s behind the sounds—air! It all boils down to this: Great voice control depends on great breath control! In this vocal strategy insight from America’s number one voice coach, Roger Love explains how great breathing technique is the secret that will breathe charisma into your communications. Watch, apply, and enjoy the benefits—starting right now! READ MORE


How to Choose an Online Singing Program

Choosing the right online singing program is about more than just price. It’s about finding a coach who can take you from here to where your dreams become a reality. It’s about unleashing that spark in your soul that just can’t stop singing! And directing, nourishing, and fueling that spark until it becomes a fire that spreads light and warmth to everyone who listens to you sing. I want to help you find the right online singing program for you…  READ MORE

When Being a Triple Threat Isn’t Enough

When Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon each walked into my studio to learn their songs for “Walk the Line,” they were both worried about singing. We worked together, day after day, for almost two months, and the results are history! That movie won Reese the Academy Award for Best Actress. And Joaquin took home the Golden Globe for Best Actor. Without a doubt, Reese and Joaquin are fantastic actors. The success of “Walk the… READ MORE

Rock Singing Lessons

What do rock singers need to know about voice coaching? Watch this video now to listen as I dispel myths, provide informative content for rockers. Then, follow along with Roger’s exercise to master the method that can transform your singing voice, fast! Did you like this episode? Then your friends will, too! Use the links at the top of the page to share this post, making the world sound better, one voice at a time. Your shares also enable me…  READ MORE

How to Instantly Sing Better

True or false? Great singers are born great! The answer to that is true and false. I’m a voice coach who believes that great technique, the kind that allows someone to sing all the way from the lowest notes possible in the range to the highest notes without any pressure, straining or breaks, will give anyone the opportunity to sound like a much better singer. I am also aware that certain people are born with particular physical attributes that make…  READ MORE

This Method is Helping Amateur Singers

Today I’m going to reveal a method that’s helping amateur singers transform their voices! In my thirty-plus years of working with celebrities and the not-yet-famous, it’s shocking how many people start out their singing journey by just opening their mouths and listening for nothing but if they are on pitch. Their whole attention is centered on, “Am I hitting the right note?” READ MORE


5 Professional Audition Tips You Need to Know

Making a name for yourself in the music industry requires that you are not only a talented singer but that you are also great at auditioning. Think about it, if you can’t impress a casting director, club owner or record company in two minutes, how can you ever get the singing gigs you need to showcase you in front of thousands of soon-to-be super fans? I’ve been fortunate to help countless celebrities achieve their singing dreams during my thirty-plus years as a… READ MORE

Things You Need to Know When Selecting an Audition Song

If you’re ready to take your singing career out of the shower and onto the stage, you’re going to need an excellent audition song. To save you time, frustration and less-than-perfect auditions, here are the five things you need to know when selecting your audition song.  READ MORE

3 Singing Audition Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Having a great voice matters! But if you want to take your talent to a higher professional level, you have to be great at auditioning, too. To help you with this critical area of your vocal career, I’ve pulled from over thirty-years of experience working with celebrities all over the world. Now, I’m going to share with you the top three mistakes to avoid during your next singing audition so you have the best chances of getting a callback and… READ MORE

The Five Commandments for Preparing Your Audition Song Accompaniment Track

Let me tell you something that I saw countless times during auditions that just broke my heart. A singer with a great voice would come in and make a mistake with his or her accompaniment track (the music that plays in the background while they sing). And because of those mistakes, they’d mess themselves up, start in the wrong place, sing off key, get confused, or even try to stop the audition to fix the music. The end result was always the same: they lost out on the opportunity. READ MORE


Advanced Vibrato Techniques

Welcome to my “Guide to Advanced Vibrato Techniques.” Using my vibrato techniques when you sing will help you sound professional, and add variety and style to your voice and music. READ MORE

Master Vibrato Faster with these Two Effective Approaches

To sing alongside the masters and separate yourself from the vast majority of average singers, you need to have one particular feature in your singing toolbox: vibrato! Since my goal is for your singing to sound amazing, I’m going to explain what vibrato is and give you two effective approaches to start using it in your singing today. READ MORE

Karaoke Tips

6 Singing Tips for Your Best karaoke Performance Ever

Karaoke is about more than just standing up and half-botching the words to someone else’s songs. Karaoke is about making memories with friends in a fun setting. It’s working up the courage to share your singing abilities in public. It’s connecting sonically with other people. To help you have the best karaoke night ever, here are six singing tips to master. Get ready to watch everyone’s jaw drop before they start chanting, “Encore! Encore!”  READ MORE

Presenting and Stage Presence

How to Move on Stage

To add extra power to your presentations and better connect with your audience, you need to master physiology and stage movement techniques. In this lesson from America’s number one vocal coach, Roger Love explains how to make the most of your presentation space—whether you’re in a small room or on a massive stage. Want to know where to look if there are cameras filming you or how to better connect with your audience members, even under bright lights? READ MORE


How to Monetize Your Voice

Here’s what my industry-leading clients have discovered: Your voice is an alarmingly powerful asset that can dramatically impact your bottom line. How much could your voice earn you in 2018? I want to help you find out. That’s why last week, I hosted an exclusive live coaching call just for my Speaking Academy members. In that training session, I connected the dots between your voice and revenue…spotlighting the tight correlation between communication influence and your bottom… READ MORE

Is Your Voice Holding You Back from being Successful?

Could your voice be the reason you’re not further ahead in your career by now? The fact is, most people’s voices don’t SOUND like the job title they have. However the most successful people I know have all managed to align who they are as a professional with how they sound when they speak. They enjoy a seamless synergy between how they want to be perceived–all their good intentions and credibility–with the way people… READ MORE


81 Side Effects of Having a Perfect Voice

Singers aren’t the only ones who need to craft their Perfect Voice. Sculpting a perfect speaking voice may cause you to: Close more deals Express your authentic self Achieve an advantage over your competition Sound like you’re the boss, even if you’re the back-up Get the outcome you want even when you can’t find the perfect words Control how others perceive you Create a personal brand that seamlessly combines your voice, message, and aspirations  Get the job Be more likable Communicate better with your spouse Send the “right” message Influence… READ MORE

What Does it Mean to Give Voice to Your Dreams?

This lesson is about what it means to give voice to your dreams. Listen to hear about how one man went from sounding dull, monotone, and lacking energy to confident and intelligent, with just a little voice coaching! Watch now and start getting excited about how improving your voice could change YOUR life. READ MORE

In Our Technology Age, Who Really Needs to Know How to Speak?

With email, chat, and texting, why do we need to learn how to communicate with our voices? I believe your answer to that question can seriously impact how successful, influential, and happy you are now, and in the future. In this video, I’m going to explain why it’s so easy to get swept up in believing that… READ MORE

In Defense of Upspeak

Today I want to defend a speaking habit that seems to be the “talk of the town,” no matter what town you live in. This particular habit has been harshly—and in my view, unfairly—condemned in the media: upspeak. As a voice coach and verbal strategist with a degree in music, I believe… READ MORE

Speak with Emotion

How to Diffuse Your Own Anger

I get it. You’re mad. Somebody did something to somebody, maybe even to you. It made you angry, and you don’t know how to get over it. Your stomach is in knots. Your face is tight. Your blood pressure is boiling! But that doesn’t help you. What can you do? The best thing you can do for yourself is learn how to defuse your own anger… READ MORE

5 Experiments on Voice and Emotion

The most successful speakers emotionally engage their listeners. They’re the ones who you just can’t seem to pull your attention away from. And it doesn’t even matter what they’re saying. They could be talking about the weather or pitching a deal, chatting about sports or offering the next cure for world hunger. READ MORE


Sounds of Forgiveness

Use this Vocal Profile when you want to communicate compassion, forgiveness, and kindness, especially when someone has hurt you. These days, it seems like I can hardly turn on the TV or check in on social media without being blasted by media and messaging that’s harmful—intentionally and unintentionally. READ MORE

How to Instantly Make Someone Like You

Some might think that the task of making someone instantly like you is a difficult one with many variables and challenges. I look at it in much more simple terms. It might take you forever to find the right clothes or hairstyle or anything else that might make you more physically attractive. It might take you forever… READ MORE

Why Aren’t I Getting the Reaction I Want?

If you’ve said these things, you need the Roger Love Method for Speaking: My words are great…. so why aren’t I getting the reaction I want?  I’m the face of my company but my voice is tainting my brand.  I’d rather hide under this desk than deliver a public speech. I speak English well but my accent keeps holding me back. READ MORE

Just For Men

Men: How to Bulk Up Your Voice

Did you know that people can determine your upper-body strength just by listening to your voice? Keep these scientific findings and three tips in mind and you won’t have to worry the next time You Know Who’s name shows up on your caller ID. Here’s the findings from… READ MORE

What Men Actually Hear: The Science Behind Judging Sound and Content

Thanks to a scientific publication in The Royal Society, we can stop wondering if most men actually prefer low-pitched female voices. Here’s what the study found and what it means for both men and women looking to use their voice to achieve their goals. READ MORE

How to Sound Like THE MAN

In honor of Father’s Day, I’m going to share some expert voice tips that will give dads more of what they deserve— respect and admiration! Dads, here is a verbal strategy for how you can get even more of what you deserve—respect and admiration! This verbal strategy is READ MORE

Just For Women

Moms: How to Make Your Kids Listen to You

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m going to share some expert voice tips that will give moms more of what they deserve—attention and appreciation! Moms, you deserve more than just one day of celebration. We should appreciate you every day! With these three expert vocal tips… READ MORE

About Voice Coaches

Do Only Singers Need a Voice Coach?

Today is the perfect day to eliminate a myth for you. This particular misguided belief has been holding countless speakers back from achieving the impact and recognition that they’ve been craving… Here it is: Many people mistakenly believe that… READ MORE

New Corporate Training Trend: Hire a Voice Coach

I just got back from doing a keynote for a fantastic Fortune 150 firm that is thinking outside the box to train their salespeople in a way that will blow the roof off industry expectations. Does it surprise you that another industry giant hired me as a voice coach to train their sales people? READ MORE

Damage to Your Voice

Singing Like The Celebrities Can Hurt Your Voice

Many famous performers have become known for singing styles that are hard on the vocal cords and can potentially damage them. In this lesson, I’ll reveal the celebrity singing styles that could hurt your voice. Plus, I’ll share with you how to safely get the sounds you want… READ MORE

5 Voice Robbers to Avoid Going Hoarse

You depend on your voice to share your talent and expertise with the world. That means that when your voice is hoarse, your impact is muted, too! If you want to be more influential, connect better, and attract others to you, a healthy voice is absolutely essential. READ MORE

3 Things You Didn’t Realize Are Hurting Your Voice

Your voice matters a lot to me! I’m dedicating my decades of experience to help YOU get the perfect voice. Heed these warnings to keep your voice healthy and performing at its peak. I’ve dedicated my career to making the world a better place, one voice at a time. That’s why I have to tell you about… READ MORE

6 Foods that will Derail Your Speaking Voice

Outstanding athletes insist that the food that goes into your body determines the performance that comes out. As a celebrity voice coach, I teach my clients that the same insight applies to their voice whether they’re singing in the shower or accepting an Oscar. To help you perform… READ MORE

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