I recently came across a fascinating study that I wanted to share with you.

The study showed people can identify up to 24 different emotions based on the sounds you make, not just the words you use when you speak.

This is double the amount of emotions that could be identified in previous studies that only focused on words.

It’s amazing.

It’s crazy to think about how the sounds you make when you speak can evoke such strong emotions in others.
This study emphasizes the importance of focusing on the sounds you use, rather than just the words. It’s not just about communicating word by word, but finding the right sounds to attach to those words to create a lasting impression.

This also brings new insight into the use of fillers like “um” or “like”. These non-words can convey unintended emotions to your listeners, and it’s important to be mindful of the sounds you make during communication.

I am here to help you unlock the power of your voice and make a lasting impression.

Click “PLAY” and turn up the volume to watch what this amazing study is all about.

Imagine that…

Every time you say “um” or “uh” or rely on fillers, you risk losing control over the 24 diverse emotions your listeners experience. It’s a risk I’m not willing to take, and neither should you.

If instead, you let your sounds and words become vehicles of precise emotion, you can guide your audience towards the desired outcome. Fillers are like a grab bag of random emotions, distracting from your intended message. When you shift your focus away from fillers, you can dive even deeper into the power of the sounds you produce alongside your words.

Embrace the transformative journey of crafting your vocal symphony. Abandon the fillers and embrace purposeful expressions that resonate deeply. With each intentional sound, you paint vivid emotions that align seamlessly with your message. Elevate your impact, leaving an indelible mark on those who listen.

It’s time to seize control, transcend ordinary communication, and venture into the extraordinary. Will you take the leap? Unleash the power within and master emotions for impactful communication with Speaking Pro Masterclass >>