Most people think a strong voice is only important for singers and public speakers. But having an engaging voice can positively impact your life — even if you never give a public address or perform a song in front of a crowd. The benefits of an effective voice extend to your professional and personal life, helping you succeed in your career as well as your close relationships.

Here are seven benefits of having a strong, proud voice in your working and personal life.

1. People judge you by your voice

It’s been proven that we unconsciously form an impression of someone when we hear their voice. We can even tell, just by listening to a voice, if that person is healthy and strong or weak. If you want to make a good impression every time you meet someone, whether for work or in your personal life, your voice plays an important role.

2. Your voice can send a message

In most situations, how you say it is more important than what you say. If you have an important message to communicate and you want to be taken seriously, you need a clear, confident-sounding voice.

When you have a meeting with your boss to discuss a pay raise, do you want to sound unsure about your abilities or confident that you deserve a higher salary? When you’re on a first date with someone, would you rather sound bored and uninterested or charming and engaging? By using your voice effectively, you can send the right message to the people around you.

3. You can inspire others with a powerful voice

It’s hard not to feel inspired by someone with a strong, alluring speaking voice. When you use your voice to engage others, you can make people feel inspired too. And giving a speech in front of an audience isn’t the only situation that calls for some awe.

Maybe you want to convince your friends to go on a camping trip with you, or persuade your picky children to finish their vegetables at dinner. An inspiring tone and strong voice can help you bring others to your cause or persuade someone to do something.

4. You can express your true self

When you have an effective voice, you can use it to let your true self shine through. It’s common to feel one way on the inside, but not sound like that to others. When you engage people with your voice, you can let your exterior match who you are and express yourself to the fullest degree around others.

Perhaps your employees think you don’t care about them because your voice always makes you sound bored. With a strong voice, you can make them feel assured that you do appreciate them every time you communicate.

5. It could lead to a higher salary

A 2021 study looked at how strong-sounding voices impacted CEO compensation decisions. It found that deep, masculine voices tended to result in higher salaries for male CEOs, when the deciding boards were composed of men. Deeper voices didn’t appear to matter as much for boards that had more women on them.

While this study has a lot to do with gender bias, it also shows how much we value a voice. Of course, you shouldn’t start speaking in a deep voice and expect your boss to automatically raise your pay. But when you have a strong voice, it influences others’ impression of you and ultimately will lead to more success in your career.

6. You’ll make a better impression at virtual meetings

These days, remote meetings are as common as in-person ones. The sound of your voice matters as you overcome the distance and technical issues that happen when people hear you through their’ computer speakers or headphones. If you train your voice to sound strong, sure, and more engaging, it’ll make you easier to understand in your virtual meetings.

7. You can deepen your relationships

Good communication is the bedrock of any relationship, personal or professional. You can foster a stronger connection with your partner or loved ones by learning to communicate who you are and what you actually feel. When you use your voice to engage and express your honest emotions, it brings you closer to your friends, family, and your coworkers.

Make your speaking voice more engaging

When your voice is effective and engaging, it makes people want to listen to you. Whether you’re trying to get an important message across, convince someone to do something, or put yourself ahead in your career, having the right voice is the key to accomplishing it. If you don’t have an engaging speaking voice, you can train yourself to sound stronger, clearer, and more assured. Doing so will be one of the best investments you can make in your career and wellbeing.