I am honored to be the Voice Coach for a new TV series on ABC.  It is called “Sing Your Face Off” and it premieres on Saturday, May 31st at 9:00 P.M. .  I loved working on this show and with such talented people.  Each week, a group of celebrity’s spins a big wheel with the names of very famous singers on it.  What ever name the wheel stops on, that is the name of the singer the celebrity must impersonate the following week.  My job was to get these celebrity contestants to sound like the singer they needed to impersonate.  I think you will be very impressed with how well these contestants did on the show.  On each episode, you will see a segment of me talking about each contestant and also working with them.  Then, the contestants are judged by a panel of judges.  The contestant with the lowest score gets eliminated that week.

It is great fun and I know you will love the show so be sure and tune in or set your DVR so you don’t miss it.

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