1. Where you’re from.

2. How successful you are.

3. How much confidence you have.

4. If you’re worth listening to.

5. If you’re in control or looking for a leader.

6. If you’re energized or uninterested.

7. If you’re mundane or creative.


Scientific studies show that your words influence only 7% of whether or not someone believes, trusts, or likes you. The other 93% depends on your body movements and voice, combined. Here are five things you didn’t realize your voice was saying louder than your words.

All Accent, All the Time

Whether you’re from the Southern USA or South America, you love to let your cultural heritage shine through your voice. When minimized to reduce miscommunications, this unique trait makes you sound interesting, desirable, and entertaining.

On the downside, if you let your accent become a peacock, it may isolate listeners or make you seem like a close-minded outsider for not adapting to your environment. Furthermore, if your particular accent also comes with a slower pace, you may be perceived as less intelligent. Work on reducing distortions and matching other’s speed for best results.

Bringing Marilyn Monroe Back

Sexy, alluring and a bit mysterious, you love to draw listeners in. In romantic situations, men melt in your hand after just a few sentences. What could be better than sounding like a bombshell?

Answer: being taken seriously in a professional environment and preserving your vocal health. While it works great in the bedroom, the Marilyn voice can ruin your reputation in the boardroom by making you sound insecure, uncomfortable taking command, and potentially airhead-like. It can also damage your vocal cords due to the excessive rushing of air required to speak in such a style. If you can channel this bombshell voice, save it for behind closed doors to ensure your cords and public life are protected.

The Rocky Balboa Bro’

You’re tough, serious, and didn’t come to play nice. With as many broken noses as you’ve survived, people should immediately step away from the last beer in the grocery store fridge when you come to town.

While a masculine voice can garner you respect and admiration from others, the Rocky sounds more dim-witted than daunting. Try closing your jaw when breathing and speaking to get better air supply and force air through your nose.

You Could’ve Played Fran From “The Nanny”

New Jersey taxi drivers should pay you royalties for impersonating you every day. With all the air you’re forcing through your nose, your mouth has more room for words, you figure.

Your voice is unforgettable but not in a good way. Besides being uncomfortable to listen to, others may perceive you as brash, uncultured, and loud. Try lowering your larynx when speaking to reduce this harsh nasally sound.

Speed Talker

You’re a whiz kid with a supercharged brain that works faster than everyone else in the room. This increased speed gives you energy and momentum to solve problems in a flash. Others will be attracted to such talent as long as your light-speed pace doesn’t leave them feeling lost, confused, or run-over.

Your voice says a lot more about you than can be condensed to this list, but these five types are the most pervasive ones in America. While a few of you could be the new face of one of these vocal villains, the vast majority of Americans have elements or whole chunks of these styles mixed into their own speaking voice.

Every day, you depend on your voice to influence, persuade, manage, or inspire others to get what you want. Consider investing in getting the voice you need because your voice speaks louder than your words.