I’m honored to be a coach on the show and I think you’re going to love it!

It’s also starring “Frozen” star Kristen Bell.

What’s the show about?

“Encore!” is about recapturing a moment in your past where you truly felt like a superstar.

…For the young hopefuls who sang and danced their way through high school…

…For all the performers who lit up the stage for the school’s annual musical…

…For the students who day dreamed their way through classes, imagining themselves in spotlight, making music and memories…

This is your “Encore!”

Because for most high school actors, singers, and dancers, the last stage they walked was for graduation.

Now, they’re everything from doctors to lawyers to parents…

Everything but professional entertainers, that is.

But…what if they had one more shot?

What if they could relive the magic, the memories, the friendships they left in their high school auditoriums?

That’s the chance we gave to a handful of “stars of high school musicals past,” and captured it all on camera for “Encore!”

Our production team traveled across the country to find musical casts of nearly 20 years ago.

Then, we reunited them, on their old high school stage, to re-stage their best show.

And, did I mention, that along the way, we arranged a few surprises to REALLY bring their Broadway dreams to life…

We brought in a Broadway director….musical director…choreographer…set designer…full orchestra…

…and ME as their vocal coach!

We all had less than a week to get the show on stage and perform for an invited list of family and friends.

The show is funny and heartwarming, and I had such a blast being part of it.

See…old flings, childhood dreams, and their long lost love for musical theater…spark again.

The executive team is amazing, too. “Encore!” was created and is executive produced by Jason Cohen, with Kristen Bell, Alycia Rossiter, Will Gluck, Richard Schwartz, Jim Roush and Chris Wagner, also serving as executive producers. Anthony Carbone is editor and executive producer.

The show is now streaming on Disney+

The twists and turns are going to get you hooked on the show, as me and my new group of friends make some music (and magic!) happen.

So, give yourself an excuse to relive lingering high school fantasies.

Get together with some old friends for a blast from the past.

Or, make it a date night with your high school sweetheart.

Whatever you make it, just make sure you watch! (And don’t forget to mention your claim to fame, “Hey, kids, my voice coach is on TV…”)

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