If you’ve said these things, you need the Roger Love Method for Speaking:

  • My words are great…. so why aren’t I getting the reaction I want? 
  • I’m the face of my company but my voice is tainting my brand. 
  • I’d rather hide under this desk than deliver a public speech.
  • I speak English well but my accent keeps holding me back.
  • I’m not able to communicate my authentic self to audiences.
  • Speaking is not my strong point but I need it to succeed.
  • I want the confidence to command a room and speak up for what I believe in.
  • I’ve got amazing content and product. Why aren’t I getting the sales I want?
  • My voice doesn’t convey my personality or purpose.
  • Being concise and impactful is difficult for me.
  • Why does seemingly everything I say to my spouse come off wrong?
  • I get invited to interviews all the time but never seem to get an offer. 
  • In my head, I sound powerful, impressive, and intelligent. Then I open my mouth and I’m nowhere close.
  • I’m a likable, interesting person. Why isn’t that coming across to others?
  • My passion and personality never come through in my videos.
  • I’m a good speaker. Now I want to be great!

If this sounds like you, a great voice can be your solution. Start your effective, fun and impactful voice coaching right now!