Singers aren’t the only ones who need to craft their Perfect Voice. Sculpting a perfect speaking voice may cause you to:

Close more deals Express your authentic self Achieve an advantage over your competition Sound like you’re the boss, even if you’re the back-up Get the outcome you want even when you can’t find the perfect words Control how others perceive you Create a personal brand that seamlessly combines your voice, message, and aspirations  Get the job Be more likable Communicate better with your spouse Send the “right” message Influence others Like the sound of your voice on camera Appear more intelligent Garner more positive attention Lure your ideal mate Negotiate more effectively Be more persuasive Make a great first impression Stand out from the crowd Get more job offers Sound more interesting Become the center of attention Take the edge off tough talks Get others to listen to you Stop cringing at your own voicemail message Improve your professional life Communicate better with your kids De-escalate disagreements Get out of your own way Avoid misunderstandings Build a positive reputation Make people love to listen to you Be a better storyteller Get more invitations to speak publicly Leave a memorable impression Appear cool, calm, and collected (even when you’re freaking out inside) Be perceived as more trustworthy Get more call-backs Get more video views, likes, and shares Stay calm when you have to speak up Match your voice to your mood Become a better marketer Command a room Reduce frequency and duration of arguments Hold your kid’s attention longer Match your voice to your career Decrease the frequency of misunderstandings Own a toolbox of vocal tricks to match any challenge Spend less time worrying about words Communicate that you’re interested in someone without directly saying it Deliver bad news without breaking hearts Stop clearing your throat every time you speak Spend less time worrying about how the audience will react to your speech Be the best bedtime story reader ever Make the boardroom listen when you speak Appear younger Get the outcome you want even when you can’t find the perfect words Make friends quickly Get more dates Sound more intelligent than you already are Quickly make others feel comfortable around you Have a signature vocal style Highlight the positives of your accent Decrease vocal regionalisms you dislike Communicate better in a foreign language Ignite a room Appear more mature Give the best speech of your life Move others emotionally Speak confidently and passionately Showcase your best self Produce strong, clear, buzz-worthy video presentations Feel comfortable in front of audiences Be engaging Think and communicate clearly onstage Sound important Make a bigger impact Speak up for what you believe in Integrate your voice and personality Access your full vocal range