Speaker Training with Roger Love

Watch the above video, recorded at Brendon Burchard’s October 2017 Experts Academy live event in Santa Clara, California.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 distinguishing abilities of a world-class speaker (How many do you already have?)
  • Meryl Streep’s unusual preparation technique for movie roles (and how you can use the same approach to showcase your authenticity)
  • What brand new research from the Yale School of Management has discovered about which is a more accurate gauge of emotions: voice or physicality?
  • The speaking pattern that will depress any audience (Are you guilty of doing this?)
  • The 1 thing you must do to be remembered by your listeners (this works in the office, with clients, and even with your kids!)

You know that, every day, people are listening to you. But do they like what they hear?

Every second you spend speaking, people are judging you and your ideas based on how you sound.

Is your voice doing you justice?

Raising your performance, your success, and your impact in the world is as simple as raising your voice.

You can start right now.

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World’s Greatest Speaker Training LIVE

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Let the world’s experts get you on the fast-track to speaking success on stage, video, and beyond.

Four days. Three experts. One World’s Greatest Speaker Training.

November 16-19, 2017 in Santa Clara, California

I’ll be joining my close friends, and the world’s foremost experts in stage movement and sales psychology, Bo Eason and Brendon Burchard, for the speaker training event of the year! And I want to meet you there!

Brendon, Bo, and I will be on stage for four days to help you learn how to masterfully communicate. From World’s Greatest Speaker Training, you’ll learn know how to:

  • Authentically articulate your story

  • Summon your credibility to own any stage—meetings, media, on stage, and beyond!

  • Get hired as a keynote speaker

  • Rock your next sales presentation or interview

  • Develop your leadership presence

  • Record sales videos that are engineered for maximum conversions

  • Overcome performance anxiety

This is the speaking event of 2017 and a “who’s who” of the speaking world is going to be there.

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MP Pro is my brand-new, advanced speaking course with HD videos that contain the presentation secrets you won’t find anywhere else and the most cutting-edge delivery techniques to help you monetize your voice and spread your message and expertise.

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It’s been valued at $2,497. But those in my inner circle who have tested it already claim its value is priceless.

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Bonus #1: Brendon Burchard’s Launch Anatomy Training, featuring his online launch strategy and outlines that generated over $4,000,000.00 in sales! Everyone wants to master video, so this is exactly what you need to know to launch any video course, promotion or program online. (Value of $997!)

Bonus #2:  Private Facebook Group to request video reviews from our students! Never release a video or do a presentation without feedback again! (Priceless!)

Bonus #3:  The $10,000,000 Expert Case Study! (Read EXACTLY how Brendon Burchard started his career!). Includes a full breakdown of what Brendon would do if he started over and sought his first $1,000,000 from training on stages and video. (Value of $497.)

Bonus #4:  Two tuition waivers to the World’s Greatest Speaker Training LIVE Seminar! The next event is November 16-19th, 2017, in Santa Clara, California. If you can’t make this one, you can attend next year’s! The event is optional, as the online course is sufficient on its own. But nothing compares to coming to the LIVE event portion as well! To attend, you’ll pay a separate one-time-only materials fee of $97 to claim your tickets.

Let Bo, Brendon, and me reinforce in person the techniques you’ll learn in the course while uncovering the noteworthy details you might have missed. We’ll bring dozens of attendees up on stage. You’ll leave the event feeling confident and ready to speak, sell, and persuade on camera, on stage, on video, and beyond!

Bonus #5:  How to Build Blockbuster Curriculum Course! Learn how to structure your teaching better and insert messaging that helps your audience succeed faster! You’ll never be confused about how to create content again! (Value: Never been released before!)

The bonuses will be released after you complete the online training, which you can take at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Plus, there’s a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If, after enrolling, you do not believe this is the best training in existence for speakers, then just ask for your money back and receive a full refund.

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Here’s how to receive your access to MP Pro: After registering for the World’s Greatest Speaker Training program, send an email to [email protected].

Again, since this course is not and has never been available for sale to the public, my team must personally create your account and send you the login details.

By gaining entrance, you will be among a special, hand-curated group. You must buy the World’s Greatest Speaker Training program using the link below to qualify for this access:

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