“Enhanced my Performance”

“Roger truly enhanced my performance in the movie Crazy Heart.”
– Jeff Bridges, Actor & Producer

“Amazing Vocal Master”

“It wasn’t until I met Roger Love that I gained 100% certainty that my voice would perform the way I expect and need it to. Learn from this truly amazing vocal master.”
– Tony Robbins, Author and Motivational Speaker

“Roger Has Found a Way”

“Roger Love has found a way to train and free the heart, mind and spirit.”
– John Gray, Author

“Thank You!”

“Thank you for making my voice sound so beautiful!”
– Reese Witherspoon, Actress

“My Career Really Took Off”

I invested in Roger’s voice program and that’s when my career really took off. Do yourself and your career a favor… look into Roger’s voice programs and you too can accomplish all your life’s greatest dreams.
– Dave Anderson, founder of Famous Dave’s of America.

“Best in His Industry.”

Roger Love is the best in his industry. The only time I lose my voice is when I don’t put into practice the simple exercises that saved my voice and saved my power that I learned from him.
– Chalene Johnson, Fitness Authority, Author, and Entrepreneur.

“I am Eternally Grateful.”

“Thanks to Roger, I never lose my voice anymore. I am able to give my message to the world. Roger, I am eternally grateful.
– Dr. Daniel Amen, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Effectiveness in Communication”

“I had never realized how much our ability to speak comfortably and correctly matters to our psyches and our effectiveness in communication.”
– Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Radio Host

“The Man to Learn From”

“In politics, show business, or life in general, communication is the key to success. For anyone who wants to speak more effectively, Roger Love is the man to hear and learn from.”
– Fred Thompson, Former US Senator, Actor

“A Miracle Worker”

“Roger Love is a miracle worker. Let him change your voice and the way that the world reacts to you.”
– Suze Orman, Personal Financial Guru

Celebrities helped by Roger Love