Speakers Guild

Membership Cancellation and Refund Terms

You are welcome to cancel your Speakers Guild subscription membership at any time. You will need to cancel at least 1 business day before your renewal date to prevent the next month or year’s subscription from being processed and billed.

Please be aware, we do not provide any refunds for monthly subscriptions. If you enrolled in an annual subscription and wish to cancel, you may submit your cancellation request before Day 30 and receive a full refund.

Upon acceptance of your cancellation or refund request, all bonuses or additional products gifted to you as part of or during your membership will be seized. If a physical product was part of your subscription bundle, you can choose to pay the MSRP of that product in order to keep it or mail it back to us in original condition.

To cancel your Speakers Guild membership, please send an email to [email protected]

In your email, please indicate (1) your request to cancel, (2) the specific membership (Eg, Speakers Guild), (3) the full name and email address you used at check out when you originally enrolled.

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