Roger Love is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on voice. No other vocal coach in history has been more commercially successful in both the speaking and singing fields.

Roger has vocally produced more than 100 million CD sales worldwide and written three top-selling books.

Roger coaches singers like Gwen Stefanie, John Mayer and Selena Gomez, as well as speakers like Anthony Robbins, Suze Orman and Brendon Burchard. He was the vocal coach for the TV show GLEE, and his film voice coaching credits include Reese Witherspoon and Juaquin Pheonix for WALK THE LINE, Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell for CRAZY HEART, and Keira Knightly for BEGIN AGAIN.

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“It wasn’t until I met Roger Love that I gained 100 percent certainty that my voice would perform the way I expect and need it to….You, too, have the opportunity to learn from a truly amazing vocal master.”

– Tony Robbins, Author and Motivational Speaker

“Roger’s vocal instruction has brought consistency and confidence to my performances. I can control my voice and make it do exactly what I want it to, instead of closing my eyes and hoping for the best. It’s been an invaluable tool.”

– John Mayer, Grammy Award-winning Singer

“Roger Love is the world’s greatest voice coach—no one else even comes close. He not only saved my voice, he taught me to use it with greater power to influence the world.”

– Brendon Burchard, New York Times Best-selling Author, Founder of Experts Academy

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When you buy Set Your Voice Free, the book includes access to a private
members-only website packed with extra value and interactive training including:

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Audio recordings to accompany each chapter: Combining reading with these listening tracks will give you an infinitely greater opportunity to learn and utilize the insights from the book.

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Thank you for your reply Roger. I think I may have been trying too hard to not allow the sound to go to the head causing discomfort. I'm happy to report that is no longer the case. This has been an amazing first week for me doing the exercises. I am once again singing songs that I haven't been able to sing for years. It comes out with so much less effort then I ever dreamed possible! A million thank you for this amazing revelation!

Ernie Ziemkiewicz on "Audio 15: The One-Octave Exercise (Male)"

One day I decided to do a recording and compare it to what I had done before I started Mr Love's exercises. To say this technique change my life is an understatement. If i were to write more, it would probably be taken as absolute hyperbole. Instead I challenge you, the way I challenged myself: do all these exercises and techniques and try NOT to become a better singer. . . I think it's impossible. It is an honor for me to pre order his book. I have now saved up enough to do his online singing academy. This man has truly changed my life and I am so grateful! His name says it all: I love Roger Love. In fact Roger Love and vibrato are my two best friends (and they don't even know it), Thank you and God bless you!

Dr. Jan Koontz on "Breathing" in Set Your Voice Free

So happy to have another opportunity to spend time with you Roger. Your warm ups have become a treasured part of my day and I can't thank you enough for the improvements you have made in my voice and my life. Anyone taking this course will be truly bless by your amazing talent and skill in giving your students an incredible voice.

Tim Goldstein on "Welcome"


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