You don’t need my thirty-plus years of voice coaching experience to pick up personal information about a stranger with just one conversation.

  • Slow and Raspy? Probably an elderly smoker.
  • Quiet and airy? Low confidence.
  • Super fast with up-speak? Teenage girl from the Valley.

What you may not realize is that listeners can assess the upper-body strength of a man just by listening to his voice!

According to the scientific publication, “Adaptations In Humans For Assessing Physical Strength From The Voice” by Aaron Sell, Gregory A. Bryant, Leda Cosmides, John Tooby, Daniel Sznycer, Christopher von Rueden, Andre Krauss, and Michael Gurven, “both men and women can accurately assess men’s physical strength from the voice, and suggest that estimates of strength are used to assess fighting ability.”

tweetScientific finding: listeners can assess the upper-body strength of a man just by listening to his voice! @RogerLove1

These conclusions were based on eight speaking samples from four unique language populations spanning North America, Europe, and South America. Both female and male subjects were asked to listen to the speaking sample and evaluate the perceived strength of the speaker. With neither full comprehension of all the sample’s languages nor visual photos or video footage of the speaker, listeners were able to “accurately assess adult men’s physical strength from cues in the speaking voice.”

These findings mean that men can’t even talk over the phone without being sized up! Lucky for you, I’ve dedicated my career to helping men and women achieve the voice they need to get the personal and professional results they want.

Here’s how to outsmart outsiders’ evolutionary eyes for strength cues in the male voice, gentlemen.

Make sure you have sufficient amounts of Chest Voice. These are the deep, thick, and rich sounds filled with plenty of edge and cord vibration. Not sure what that feels like? Say, “aaaah,” and you’ll feel a buzzing in the deep back part of your throat. Emphasize that feeling and sound when you’re trying to achieve a thickness in the lower part of the Chest Voice.

To convey strength through your voice, connect more words together without frequent pauses. There is a strength that comes from the fluidity, evenness and thickness of those connected words as they ride out on a solid stream of air.

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