Learn Vocal Tips & Techniques

From the hidden “Middle Voice” to jaw position to breathing techniques, Roger walks you through the vocal tips and techniques he teaches to the world’s most influential singers and speakers.

Learn About Vocal Transformation

How long does it really take to fundamentally change the way someone’s voice sounds when they speak? Decades? Years? Months? How about…minutes!

Learn About Singing

Great technique, the kind that allows someone to sing all the way from the lowest notes possible in the range to the highest notes without any pressure, straining or breaks, will give anyone the opportunity to sound like a much better singer.

Learn About Speaking

Singers aren’t the only ones who need to craft their Perfect Voice. Sculpting a perfect speaking voice may cause you to close more deals, improve your relationships, control how others perceive, be more likable, and even land your dream job.

Learn About Warmups

Practicing your daily voice exercises could boost more than your vocal range. Research now shows it could also battle depression, improve your communication abilities, reduce your need for painkillers and so much more.

Learn About Auditions

Making a name for yourself in the music industry requires that you are not only a talented singer but that you are also great at auditioning.

Learn How to Speak with Emotion

The most successful speakers emotionally engage their listeners. They’re the ones who you just can’t seem to pull your attention away from. And it doesn’t even matter WHAT they’re saying, it’s HOW they’re saying it.

Learn How to Improve Your Public Speaking

Your voice is an instrument! Communications, speechwriting, and storytelling lessons will help you make that instrument elegant and impactful. But your voice needs to be in tune or else all the beautiful words, images, and stories will fall flat with an audience of unhappy ears.

Learn About Vibrato

Using Roger’s vibrato techniques when you sing will help you sound professional, and add variety and style to your voice and music.

Learn Self Confidence

Do you ever wonder how other people hear you? How do you practice so that the audience hears you the exact way you want to be heard? America’s number one voice coach, Roger Love, will answer that question.

Learn How to Improve Relationships

No one remembers what you say, they may hardly remember what you look like, but they will always remember how you make them feel. Here’s how to communicate compassion, forgiveness, and kindness.

Learn How to Eliminate Stage Fright

Are you self-conscious about speaking or singing in public? I’ve literally found a way to take that fear away. Imagine how incredible it would feel to sing or speak in front of one person—or hundreds—with total confidence.

Learning Content - Just For Women

These expert voice tips and verbal strategies will give moms more of what they deserve—attention and appreciation!

Learning Content - Just For Men

These expert voice tips and verbal strategies will give dads more of what they deserve—respect and admiration!

Learn Karaoke Tips

To help you have the best karaoke night ever, here are six singing tips to master. Get ready to watch everyone’s jaw drop before they start chanting, “Encore! Encore!”

Learn About Breathing Techniques

Great voice control depends on great breath control. Roger Love explains how breathing technique is the secret that will breathe charisma into your communications.

Learn About Presenting and Stage Presence

To add extra power to your presentations and better connect with your audience, you need to master physiology and stage movement techniques. Here’s how to make the most of your presentation space—whether you’re in a small room or on a massive stage.

Learn About Voice Coaches

Improving your voice isn’t just a personal investment. It’s a professional one. And a voice coach is essential for professional speakers, as well as singers.

Learn About Vocal Success

Could your voice be the reason you’re not further ahead in your career by now? Your voice is an alarmingly powerful asset that can dramatically impact your bottom line.

Learn About Damage to Your Voice

How to safely get the sounds you want without getting your vocal cords into trouble, while keeping your voice healthy and performing at its peak.

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